05 January 2009

No News...Good News?

I have not posted any updates because:
1) I haven't finished any projects in months. I made major progress on an incredible sweater, only to be suffering setbacks because the design--bottom-up, with front/back/sleeves attached and knit in the round to the yoke--is far more complicated than I expected. While contemplating frogging the sweater yet AGAIN and reconfiguring the pattern (and I am way worse at this math thing than I used to be), I'm suffering from second legwarmer syndrome. I've finished half of it, but I just can't seem to stay seated long enough to blow through the rest!
2) While my PC technically isn't dead, it's terminal. I broke down and invested in one of the new MacBooks (I'll use Vista over my dead body), which arrived a few days ago. Once I recharge my poor, abused digital camera and pray that it's compatible with a Mac, I'll be able to post photos!
3) I've been busy, or distracted--snuggling on the couch watching old movies and episodes of No Reservations, volunteer work (when I can), cooking and baking up a storm, attempting to read War and Peace, traveling to see my family over the holidays, adjusting to the new job and its responsibilities. I'm in full-scale hibernation mode, as even this winter fanatic's social life has taken a hit during this oddly brutal season.
4) My morning commute involves walking and standing, because my stop is too far south for me to find a seat. The plan is to eventually move further northwest (not because of my commute, but because rent is cheaper...but I've moved so many times in the last seven years that I will stay where I am for awhile), but until then I can only do post-5pm KIP.

Once I figure out what to do about the sweater from hell and finish that legwarmer, I'm at a loss. I'm suffering from acute project indecision. Perhaps something challenging, like Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts? I bought the yarn for this project ages ago, and I want to tackle something a little more complex, even considering my hatred of all things sized 0 (including DPNs). Twist and Shout from the last Knitty is also crying out to me, but I'm a bit sweatered out at this point.

Other plans for the new year include more exercise, more writing, maintaining better contact with loved ones (including you, Noelle!), and hopefully participating in the RPM Challenge, which is like National Novel Writing Month for music.

Anyway, happy new year, good tidings to all! I hope that 2009 is far more productive than 2008.

What are your plans for new knitting projects?

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